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Zambezi Tent Specifications

What You Get

The Zambezi tent is available in two sizes: Senior (4.6m x 3m incl. veranda) and Junior (4,6m x 2.2m incl. veranda).

The veranda roof forms part of the basic tent. There are several options to enclose the veranda.

In compacted sand, the peg range that we supply with the kit is sufficient. But we do supply larger pegs on request, which could be used in loosely packed sand. In windy conditions the Zambezi tent can be further stabilized with its extra guy-rope points. Once properly erected, this tent becomes very stable.

The basic kit includes tent, guy-ropes, pegs, poles, flysheet and carry-bags.


With large windows on all four walls, ventilation is excellent. All three of the vertical walls have windows which open from the inside (handy at night or in rainy weather). The window on the back wall is extra large (1.3m x 1m) and has an outside flap, which doubles as a small awning (useful for an afternoon nap).

The simplicity of setting-up this tent is one of its special features. One person alone can fully erect the basic tent in about 10 to 15 minutes. With help it would take even less time.

Click here to got to the youtube video showing how to pitch the tent.

Roof height inside the tent is 2m with an inner floor area of 9sqm or 6.6sqm depending on size chosen. Internal space is maximized because three of the walls are vertical.

The supplied flysheet is oversized, allowing windows to be left open in light rain. The flysheet fits 8cm above the canvas roof providing added protection from the sun and heavy rain.


The canvas used is 440g/sqm rip-block fabric (the same fabric is also supplied to the SA army for their tents), and each new batch of canvas is checked for water proofing with a standard waterhead test. It is extremely strong and treated for UV resistance, protection against rot and fungal attack.

The stitched-in floor of the inner tent is made from 550g/m2 PVC. All stitching is sealed on the inside and outside.

Sizes and weights


The Zambezi tent is built to a high level of quality and durability. It was developed over a period of time through a process of trial and improvement and we have built features into it that are aimed at being more functional, to improve your camping experience.

These tents are available direct from the factory. Please contact us if there is anything further we can help with.